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What Are the Signs of a Mare About to Foal?

The birth of a new foal is very exciting, yet may cause some anxiety for horse owners. If this is your first time delivering a foal, you probably have a lot of questions. One thing every horse owner in Cannon Falls, MN should be familiar with is the signs that a mare is about to […]

How Do You Treat a Snake Bite on a Dog?

When you take your pets outdoors, there’s always a risk that they will encounter a snake. Puppies are especially prone to snake bites, since they’re curious and often don’t know when to leave other animals alone. If you take your dogs out in rural areas, be sure to have the phone number for your vet […]

Common Equine Health Problems

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—which goes for common equine health problems, too. Understanding the health issues your horses are most likely to experience can help you prevent them from happening or worsening. Look over this list to learn more about common health issues, then call a […]

Your Guide to Spring Wellness Care for Cats

Now is the time to prepare for spring wellness care for your cat and schedule an appointment with your vet in Cannon Falls, MN. Even your indoor cat requires preventative care, as cats are excellent at masking illnesses and often do not show symptoms until it’s too late. Here are the vaccines and physical exams […]

Get Ready for Your Dog’s Spring Physical and Vaccines

Spring arrives soon, and with it, more outdoor time with your dog. That also means dog vaccine time, so you can keep her safe from dangerous environmental factors. Many pet owners are confused about vaccine schedules and need a little guidance from their vet in Cannon Falls, MN. Here are the vaccines and exams you […]