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The Basics of Heartworm and Tick Prevention

As summer approaches, one thing all pet owners dread is the arrival of pesky bugs and parasites that can have harmful effects on the health of their furry friend. While nothing replaces the expert advice of your trusted vet in Cannon Falls, MN, here are some things you can do to protect your pet during […]

Four Steps for Traveling Safely with Horses

No matter the reason you’re traveling with your horses, there are steps you need to take before, during and after a long-distance trailer ride. While horses are resilient animals, any type of journey can be stressful for them. Always consult your preferred horse vet in Cannon Falls, MN before undertaking any travel with horses, and […]

Essential Items for Bringing Home a New Puppy

New dog owners are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of puppy products available on the market. If you’ve never owned a dog before, it’s hard to know which products are must-haves and which ones are not. Below is a list of all the essentials vets recommend for new puppy owners in Cannon Falls, MN. […]

What Are the Signs of a Mare About to Foal?

The birth of a new foal is very exciting, yet may cause some anxiety for horse owners. If this is your first time delivering a foal, you probably have a lot of questions. One thing every horse owner in Cannon Falls, MN should be familiar with is the signs that a mare is about to […]

How Do You Treat a Snake Bite on a Dog?

When you take your pets outdoors, there’s always a risk that they will encounter a snake. Puppies are especially prone to snake bites, since they’re curious and often don’t know when to leave other animals alone. If you take your dogs out in rural areas, be sure to have the phone number for your vet […]