August 16, 2020

2020-09-09 | 16:56:30

"I cannot say enough good about Dr. Winter and his knowledgeable staff. I have used them for years. I know no other vet will even compare to his knowledge and honest love for his job. They go above and beyond helping and doing right for all their patients. They saved our Friesian Stallion when he was seriously ill with Annaplasmosis. As I cried on thier shoulder wondering how I could even pay enough to save my heart horse, he allowed us to make payments taking on the initial expense himself so that he could save my beautiful boy! I don't know many vets that would do that for people. Dr. Winter has also saved our cat Allover on an emergency UTI. He came and held our rat terrier, Maggie, with us as we all cried and prayed over her before we put her to rest. He has come over at all hours of the night and opened his clinic to be there for his clientele. He has been 100% on diagnosis of all of our equine, whether we wanted the diagnosis or not. He and his staff have been there with us grieving as we have had to say goodbye to our loved companions in life. He has gone above and beyond helping us make the right choices for the best interest of our animals. And he has done this at affordable prices not overcharging for every little test that is usually unnecessary. He has a natural gift that the animals truly sense that he is there to help them. All of our critters at the KnK Ranch Love Dr. Tom and his amazing, caring and wonderful wife and coworker Linda Winter. They have saved us so much money through the years and have also gone above and beyond taking care of our animals and many other people's animals. Tom loves his job, he loves all creatures and they can sense that on him. We have been grateful beyond words at all the care Dr. Winter and his staff have put towards our animals. He has truly been blessed with his ability and gifts. I don't know many vets that can give a vaccination one minute and then have the animal lean into him to give him love back, because they trust him and know his intentions. Thank you Cannon Veterinary Services from all of us at the KnK Ranch. We cannot talk enough about all the services you have provided, all the knowledge you have shared, all the teaching opportunities, all the late nights saving various critters on the Ranch! We love you guys!!!"
June 30, 2020

Diane Miles | 2020-06-26 23:26:44

"I brought my cat to Dr. Winter after getting her surgery canceled twice by the vet in town. Dr. and Mrs. Winter were great! They were informative and kind and did a great job. My cat does not normally like strangers, but she took to Dr. Winter right away on our first visit out there."
March 12, 2020

"When our family moved to Cannon Falls we first took our pets to Animal Health Center, right in town. They were dismissive, condescending, misdiagnosed our dog, and she ended up dying at age 7. Thankfully we found CVS with Dr. Winter and his intuitive, knowledgable, helpful & compassionate staff. They always answer all our questions, taking as much time as needed to explain everything. They've helped us over the phone before, instead of "well you better bring him in" so they could charge us. They don't do unnecessary tests. They are practical and realistic animal lovers. They're only 4 or 5 miles down the road, I wish we'd discovered them first. I probably shouldn't say this but Dr. Winter had a tear down his cheek when we said goodbye to our dog on his table."
February 20, 2020

"Tom Winter and his wife have started this business MANY years ago and it will be hard felt in this county when they decided to retire one day I don't think that there are many people that don't depend upon their knowledge and skills and their love and compassion for all animals..."
December 20, 2019

"Dr. Winter has always taken excellent care of all my animals (equine, dogs, and cats). I run a small horse business, and would trust no one else to look after my horses. He is always efficient, caring, and timely. The staff at CVS have always gone out of their way to provide excellent service, whether it is to schedule an appointment, answer a health question, or look up records. Dr. Winter is friendly and compassionate towards both the animals and my clients. He has made diagnoses that other vets have missed, and is always conscience of my time and money. I cannot say enough good things about him."