Essential Items for Bringing Home a New Puppy

New dog owners are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of puppy products available on the market. If you’ve never owned a dog before, it’s hard to know which products are must-haves and which ones are not. Below is a list of all the essentials vets recommend for new puppy owners in Cannon Falls, MN.

Collar and nametag

Before picking up your puppy from the shelter, go to the nearest pet store and request a metal tag engraved with the pup’s name and your contact information. That way, if your new furry friend were to get lost, a kind stranger can safely bring them back to you. A basic nylon collar will do just fine—your puppy will soon grow out of it anyway!

Training leash

In addition to that collar and nametag, your new pup will need a leash. Any pet store or vet you visit in Cannon Falls, MN will offer an assortment of leashes, including leather ones that are great for training sessions. You could also get a second nylon leash reserved for walks and potty breaks in the backyard. Leashes come in varying levels of durability, so which one you choose will depend on your puppy’s breed.

Spacious crate

Puppy crates come in handy for all sorts of situations. They transport puppies to and from the vet, prevent accidents in the house and create a safe space for your pup. It takes a while for new puppies to become potty trained, so keeping them in a crate at night stops them from leaving little surprises around the house. Their crate can also be a source of comfort as they adjust to a new living environment.

Puppy kibble

Of course, the most essential item on your new puppy checklist is food. But you can’t just buy any type of kibble. Puppies need specialized diets to help them grow big and strong. One such brand your vet might recommend is Royal Canin Foods. The company makes puppy chow that’s tailored to your pup’s specific needs, no matter their age, size or breed.

Chewy treats

Puppies are bursting with energy, and at some point, they’ll need a way to cope with teething pain. Put these two behaviors together, and you’ve got a puppy who will chew anything they can get their paws on—including your new pair of shoes! Dog toys and goodies will divert your furry friend’s attention until they grow out of the puppy phase.

Stain remover

Accidents are bound to happen as owners potty train their pups. New puppy owners should consider picking up a bottle of stain and odor remover from their pet store or vet in Cannon Falls, MN. Unlike regular household cleaners, a pet stain remover is designed to eliminate urine smells and cut through bodily waste to remove unsightly stains.

New puppies don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. What they do need are the basic essentials, lots of love and a good vet. The professionals at Cannon Veterinary Services Ltd. will answer your most pressing questions about how to be a good dog parent and customize a treatment plan in case your puppy gets sick. Our clinic is just a call away—get in touch to schedule an appointment!