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Time for Spring Equine Vaccinations!

COVID-19 has restricted the show circuit as well as trail rides, however you should not skimp on your horses vaccinations! Vaccines support essential immunity, and if a horse does get sick, the vaccine will lessen the impact of the illness. Call now to schedule an appointment with your Equine vet in Cannon Falls, MN. Here […]

Heartworm Prevention: Do It Now!

If you live in Cannon Falls, MN, now is a good time to see a dog vet for heartworm prevention. Spread by mosquitoes, heartworms are deadly parasites that are easier to prevent than treat. Since there are more mosquitoes in summer, it is a good idea to start preventatives before enjoying outdoor adventures with your […]

What Is the Canine Flu?

Every dog owner wants the best for their furry friend. That’s why we brush their teeth, give them baths and take them to the vet for their annual checkup. Keeping our family pet safe, however, also means identifying viral threats. Take, for instance, the canine flu—this potentially dangerous condition could have you bringing your dog […]