How Important Is Pet Dental Care?

Many pet owners forget to consider dental care when setting up preventative care schedules. Just as people can lose their teeth and suffer dental problems, so can your pets. Any dog or cat vet in Cannon Falls, MN can tell you that dental health contributes to overall physical health. Here are four reasons why you should add dental care to your pet’s health regimen today:

  • Avoid tooth loss: Pets can develop periodontal disease, which arises when there is too much bacteria in their mouths. The bacteria form a plaque film over teeth, and as they die, they cause calcification. Tartar develops from that, followed by gingivitis and other gum diseases. Eventually, this weakens tooth roots, and they become loose. Older pets can start losing teeth, and that will make it difficult to keep them properly fed. Regular dental cleaning removes bacteria and plaque to prevent tooth loss.
  • Stronger teeth: Pets may also experience broken teeth. Dogs especially like to chew on hard toys and surfaces, and can break their teeth in the process. Cats do the same thing, although less frequently than dogs. If you like to bring your pets treats like bones and antlers, you’ll want to arrange for regular cleanings so their teeth remain strong. Each dental cleaning ends with the vet adding a barrier seal so teeth are not only cleaner, but less likely to break when pets enjoy their favorite treats. Otherwise, a broken tooth exposes the nerve, which can become infected and painful. At that point, only an extraction offers relief.
  • Preventative care: Our office performs dental cleaning under general anesthesia so it is easier to be thorough and keep animals and staff safe. During this time, we take advantage of the opportunity to apply other preventative care.  Finding an infection early means treating it with antibiotics rather than scheduling an extraction. That is more comfortable for your pet and your budget.
  • Save money: Veterinary care is not generally inexpensive, but preventative care costs less and reduces expenses in the long run. When it comes to dental care, your choices are to ignore the problem and pay for extraction surgeries or schedule regular dental cleanings in our office to avoid these problems or treat them before they become serious. You can also help your vet by brushing your pet’s teeth every day and giving them toys and treats that are designed to remove plaque and reduce bacteria. These small measures can reduce dental cleaning time and further support your pet’s health. Just be sure to buy toothpaste specifically for cats or dogs, and give your pet time to get used to brushing.

If you require a cat or dog vet in Cannon Falls, MN, Cannon Veterinary Services Ltd. is here. We offer a variety of services, including dental care for your cat, dog or horse. Call us today to make an appointment and start your pet on the path toward good dental health.