Does Your Pet Suffer from Storm or Firework Anxiety?

For most of us, a roaring thunderstorm can be a soothing reminder of the power of Mother Nature. Fireworks, similarly, can be a remarkable testament to the ingenuity of humankind. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs and cats are likely to disagree with these attitudes.

As people, we have forewarning of these loud noises. We can prepare for them and take steps to prevent their severity. For our beloved family pets, however, an oncoming storm or a nearby fireworks display is unexpected—every time. As a result, these events can be frightening for our pets.

Not every dog or cat suffers from anxiety around loud noises, but it is common. Fortunately, your family pet doesn’t have to keep suffering. With a little help from your veterinarian in Cannon Falls, MN, you can take steps to combat anxiety.

How to tell if your pet is anxious

Fortunately, a lot of the symptoms of pet anxiety are relatively easy to spot. For example, when fireworks go off, or thunder and lightning begin to fill the air, does your pet run and hide? That’s a pretty good sign that they’re anxious.
Other indicators of anxiety include uncontrolled pacing, whimpering or barking, heavy panting and excessive drooling.

They may aggressively seek your attention during these events, as well. These bouts of anxiety are harmful to your family pet, just like they would be in a human patient, and should be treated accordingly.

Positive reinforcement

In some cases, periods of anxiety can be avoided with a lot of positive reinforcement. When something disruptive is happening, and your dog or cat is not showing outward signs of distress, reward that behavior. Get down on the floor with your dog or cat, pet them or brush them (whichever they prefer) and give them lots of treats. It’s also helpful to speak to them in a soothing voice.

Medical intervention

If your dog or cat is prone to prolonged bouts of anxiety, it may be a good idea to consult animal hospital in Cannon Falls, MN to determine whether there’s a need for medication. In recent years, there have been several positive strides made in the development of anti-anxiety meds for dogs and cats. They can now be administered daily or on a case-by-case basis, whichever is best for your dog or cat.

Minimize the noise

During a thunderstorm or fireworks display, it can be helpful to keep your anxious pet in a room with closed windows and the TV on. For a lot of pets, the television is a semi-constant source of noise, which makes it, if not exactly soothing, then at least a known quantity. These distractions can help reduce the influence of unwanted outward stimuli.

Get help from the best

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